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What we do

Our mission is to advance complex systems analysis, improving prediction and control. We solve hard problems using math, machines and creativity.
For example, we have developed machine learning algorithms for predicting harmful algal blooms in Detroit Lake, the sole source of drinking water for the City of Salem OR. This project has a blog, and we were picked up by the press, and we even had a pod-cast about the project!

Data, Signal, Noise

Data is king, but often hard to work with. We use techniques from statistics, applied mathematics, machine learning to find the signal hidden within the noise.

Predict and Control

We specialize in predicting and controlling outcomes in wicked systems -- those where change can come out of nowhere. Our work is broad, including ecosystems, competitive team (e)sports and financial markets.


Co-create Value

We co-create our solutions to optimize utility. Solutions are embedded in clear and compelling web and mobile applications, and server-based operations.


We are lucky to have worked on a number of wonderful topics.

Predicting Algal Blooms

City of Salem Part 1

Predicting Algal Blooms

City of Salem Part 2

Aquaculture Insurance and Risk Management

Conservation International

Financial Crash Prediction

Market stability and crash prediction.

Sports Data Analytics

Machine learning and strategy identification

E-sports Data Analytics

Machine learning and strategy identification


A brief history of us.

  • 2018-spring

    Our Beginnings

    The Prediction Lab (TPL) originated through a series of advanced research projects at Oregon State University, where we developed new methods for analyzing data from complex systems; anything from financial markets to fish schools!

  • 2018-summer

    TPL starts

    Knowing that our basic scientific research could add value to many areas, TPL was formed and immediately started working on solving problems.

  • 2019-summer

    Harmful algal bloom predictions

    Our first job was with the City of Salem predicting harmful algal blooms in Detroit Lake, the sole source of drinking water in the region. A challenging but rewarding project.

  • Present

    Phase Two Expansion

    We continue to work on environmental data problems, now including collaboration with Conservation International. TPL is also pushing into new areas, specifically 1) sports data analytics and 2) the application of machine learning algorithms to financial data analysis and prediction.

  • This is

Our Team

TPL build teams from a deep pool of talented colloborators, including mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, economists, environmental scientists, and web- and mobile-app developers.

Mat Titus

TPL Manager, CTO
Mathematics, Machine Leaning

James Watson

TPL Manager, CEO
Environmental, Data and Complex Systems Science

Contact Us

We are constantly looking for new talent to join our growing team.
If you are interested, get in touch!. Please email